WordPress or Blogger : Which Platform Is Best in 2020

Hey guys, welcome back to optininfluencers and Today I am going to clear one of your biggest doubts when you are starting out in the new blogging industry. Yes, it is clearly one of the biggest doubts which says WordPress or Blogger? Which platform should you start with? Which will be good for the long term?

In this guide I am going to help you clear this confusion and maybe you will be able to find a perfect platform for your blog. 

Many new users find wordpress too complex to learn easily while they easily learn blogger due to its simple interface and less technical work. 

Let’s discuss it on the basis of certain points.

Ease of Learning

Blogger is a platform made for writers who really love writing articles. Blogger is a very good way to start blogging online. One of the reasons it is the best way to start is because of it’s easy to use and learn , interface as well as simple commands.

If you start a blog on WordPress in the first place then you may get confused seeing so many different-different options but it will take time to understand it completely.

Search Engine Optimization

The primary goal behind starting a blog is to bring people to read it, means eventually you want a lot of traffic and you will get that once you start ranking on Google. This is called Search Engine Optimization.

No blogger is a Google product and has its own advantages but WordPress offers a ton of features as well as plugins for optimizing your website to rank higher in Google so in this point, WordPress definitely wins.


One of the key disadvantages of opening a blog on Blogger is that Google is the sole owner of your blog and it can remove your blog anytime whenever it feels like also without any warning.

In WordPress you have full control over your website because it is a self hosted website and the most Google can do is just ban you but your site will not be removed from the internet because it is self hosted so you can also bring traffic to that too.


This is one of the main advantages of using WordPress, you get access to thousands of free as well as premium plugins which offer a lot of new features to the blog. Plugins really make our work a lot easier. For example, there are hundreds of SEO plugins, thousands of social share plugins and hundreds of speed optimization plugins. 

Plugins are not available in bloggers making it a disadvantage.

Themes & Customization

You can use a lot of premade themes on Blogger by just simple codes and widgets but WordPress , on the other hand, offers a huge variety of customizable themes and builders that can be used to create our own unique theme for our website.

Plus there are tons of other plugins that you can use to customize the look of your website, collect email addresses or do so much more.

Final Conclusion : WordPress or Blogger?

To finalize, I would suggest you to start your blogging journey with a blogger but if you have enough budget then you can simply buy a cheap hosting and setup a wordpress website.

WordPress is best for the long run and is good for people who are serious about blogging. If you are blogging just because you are in love with writing then you should choose a blogger but if you want to make serious money and to build a brand from blogging then you should always go with WordPress.

In 2020, It would be much better for you if you start your blogging journey with WordPress (but only if you have enough money). 

Just to make it clear, Google ranking factors do not prioritize wordpress for bloggers but still most of the websites ranking are WordPress based sites. You can rank with Blogger too if you are an SEO geek with proper keywords targeting.

I hope through this article, I have conveyed a lot of valuable information that will help you in deciding whether to start your blog in journey with WordPress or blogger. If so, do visit our article on how to set up a blogging website on WordPress. Thanks for reading!

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