Two Important Things To Know At Age 20

2 important lessons of life

Life is tough and it feels more when you leave school. Yes, I am correct. Ever since I left my school, I have never slept with so much peace since then. They used to warn me that school days are the happiest days of someone’s life and they will before I know it.

Life is unexpected, unplanned and tragic but look at the bright side, all of these qualities of life will help you become more strong, more intellectual and of course more experienced. You cannot change your destiny but you can surely change the course to it. You can take the action and rest work will be done through the butterfly effect.

Have you ever heard about the butterfly effect? It is a simple theory which clearly explains that however small an action may seem, It has the power to change whole of your destiny. Take the event when Newton discovered gravity. Had the apple not fallen on Newton’s head but to the ground, We would have never been introduced to such an important part of Physics.

Today, all the things that we have researched on gravity has helped us in Space rockets, technology and much more. There are a lot of stories in history which tell us how small incidents changed the destiny of big empires.

Take the epic story of Hindu mythology Ramayana. In that story, All of the incidents were a result of some very small things that seem so small as compared to what was the end. The incident which started the countdown for Ravan’s death was the one when Laxman, the brother of Lord Ram punished Ravana’s sister for her actions. She then went to her brother Ravana who, in return, took Sita from Ram and went to Lanka. This act of him finally ended him. So you can see here, his sister’s deed started his end.

The thing that I want you to understand from the butterfly effect is that sometimes you will do things that will change your life – that maybe a decision, that maybe saying a hello to a stranger, or doing good to someone. On the other hand, when you say something in anger or hurt someone, It will make you lose that person for a lifetime. Maybe you don’t even get a second chance to apologize or explain your side of the story.

Another thing is sometimes the decisions that you take will not only effect your own life but also many other people around you. You will have to choose what’s better for them. That’s why you have to think.

This is the number one and the biggest lesson of life. You have to learn how to be calm and always think before doing anything or speaking bad about someone.

Life is beautiful, sad, depressing and happy at the same time. It depends on you, which mood you are going to choose over and continue this journey.

One more thing I want you to understand is, you have to get used to get broken, to be left alone, to people coming in your life and then leaving – this is very much necessary for your progress, for your existence. Some people come in your life to become a sweet memory. Respect them because everyone will come to teach you something that you haven’t experienced before.

Many people are looking for love, for care and importance. They waste a lot of time in finding the right person while they don’t understand that the right person will walk in their life at the right time. It will not happen before that. It never has been.


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