Tips To Grow A Youtube Channel in 2020

tips to grow on youtube

If you have started a new YouTube channel and are wondering how you can get those initial subscribers and views & easily reach towards your first viral video that will get you all the parameters that are necessary to monetize your new channel, you are at the right place.

Today In this article, I am going to share with you some of the best tips that will help you grow your YouTube channel very fast and without crossing any community guidelines.

So without any further delay let’s get started in the article.

But first let me tell you about myself. I have been a youtuber since past 5 years and have gained enough experience in the field so as to help you excel in the art of creating viral content.

I grew a channel to almost 3.5 million views and then gained almost 6.5 k subscribers over in a week but that didn’t come easy. It took me a long time before that to get to those results.

That gets us to our first point which is having patience.

You might have heard a lot about patience from all the successful millionaires out there but let me tell you honestly, I also thought that these kinds of talks are just fake until I realised how precious the quality of having patience is.

So you have to have patience in order to grow your channel. Now that you know you need patience before anything at all, let’s get started into the main points.

Uploading Your First 33 Videos

The first and the very big mistake that people do is that they expect that they will start getting views the moment they start the channel but that’s not the reality.

They will have to upload some fresh content on your channel before you start getting exposure. That’s not what only I am saying, that’s what YouTube has always said. You need to have videos that people come to watch on your channel.

I mean think it this way when you go to a YouTube channel you will not subscribe to the channel if it has one or two videos unless we use are actually pretty good that makes sense you will upload a channel which is consistently uploading videos either once in a week once in a day.

From my experience I can say that you have to upload around thirty three or more videos on your channel. That should be your first goal.

In my experience I’ve always got a viral video on each of my YouTube channels in under 25 uploads. Now this data may be different for you and it largely depends upon the niche / category of your channel but yeah, you must focus on uploading 33 best videos and let YouTube do the rest.

Channel Branding

Guys this is the second most important thing after the quality of your video. 

You really need to have a branding for your YouTube channel.

Now when I say branding, it includes your channel art, logo, thumbnail designs and also your description format as well as your about section. Your channel should have a proper colour for your YouTube channel design and it should be properly synchronised with annotations and endscreens.

I did not realise the worth of a good branding of your YouTube channel until I started gaining subscribers a lot faster when I hired a graphic designer for my channel for making logos, thumbnails etc. 

You can also imagine this whole scenario according to your point of view as the viewer. If you visit someone’s channel and it has a good design then you will think that the channel is very serious about providing quality content and you will surely subscribe to that channel. Whereas you will think two times before subscribing to any channel which does not have a good branding.

A Good Description

Yes, you might say that descriptions are not that important but for your information, I would like to tell you that for most of the big technology related channels out there, they earn most of their income through their links in description. So you can imagine the power of description in a YouTube video and if written very well, it can create wonders for you.

Using high density keywords in your description can help YouTube in search engine optimization of your video and it will be suggested more and more to the particular audience. That’s why you should also use your keywords in the description but do not type the tag as it is in the description. You have to write a genuine paragraph about the video and then inside that paragraph you have to use those keywords.


The title of a YouTube video should focus more on the keywords that are being searched by people in your niche and not on the type of title you wish for your video. Understand it like this, it is those people who are searching for your video and watching it not you yourself so you have to keep the title according to them.


The thumbnail is the last and the most important part of a video because it is the main thing that people see and click on to watch your video, your thumbnail decides whether your people will watch your whole video or not or whether they will like the video or dislike it or whether they will subscribe you or not. All of these engagements are indirectly affected by your thumbnail. 

I would say you have to do a little clickbait for video but that should not be out of the contest from the video it should be included somewhere in the video and you have to talk about that thing in the video you wish to have the mentioned in the title otherwise people just like it and report your video.


One of the secret strategies that I found was to copy the tags from most viral videos in the same niche but here some people make a very big mistake. They do not get it even if the views are much higher on the viral video , that doesn’t mean that it is gonna rank UP High on the search results page,  which is because sometimes other factors may be contributing to its growth.

So my suggestion would be to see the tags that are being used in a video and are helping the video in ranking higher on search results. The best way you can do this is by using an extension called VidIQ or tubebuddy and find relevant tags then you should just use those tags in your video or you can just rearrange them.

So these were the tactics that I used to rank higher on YouTube using my best tips that I gained from my experience in my 5 year YouTube journey. I hope these tips will help you boost your rankings on YouTube and grow your channel very fast. If you like this post make sure you share this article to your friends and also visit my blog or just bookmark it.

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