Steal Your Competitor’s Backlinks Easily ( This Actually Works )

So you want to gain massive organic traffic to your new blogging website? But couldn’t get that attraction from search engine results? Yes, you are at the perfect article on the Internet. 

In this article, I am going to tell you one of the cool ways to steal your competitor’s Backlinks and increase yours the easy way. Let’s get right into the article.

To steal your competitor’s backlinks, first you have to know what are the sources of those backlinks and where are they coming from? Once you get the exact location from where to those backlinks are being generated – then you can go over to those pages and do the same strategy which competitor has already applied.

But how will you know where those Backlinks are coming from? We surely have a way for you which is totally free of cost.

You will be needing a tool that is provided by Ahrefs which is one of the best keyword research tools available online. One of their tools called backlink checker is available online for free which can be used by anyone – any number of times.

First you have to go to Ahrefs backlink checker and on that page you will simply have to input the URL of the page that you want to to get backlink data for. 

You can either put the homepage URL of a competitor or any post page URL of that competitor, the results will be shown accordingly.

Complete the captcha verification and hit enter.

Now you will be seeing a lot of backlink sources as well as you can also check if those backlinks are do follow or no follow or simply an image backlink.

The next step is to find those good sources where you can apply the tactic too.

For example if there is a social bookmarking site then you also have to go there and make your profile and get a do follow backlink.

If the backlink is a comment backlink then don’t miss the opportunity to go over on that page and comment accordingly, enter your website’s details on that site and get yourself a No follow Backlink.

Don’t make too many backlinks in a single day as it is not good for your site’s health. Just daily set goals and try to make at least three backlinks per day.

Remember to check the spam score, Domain Authority, Page Authority and backlinks quality of the site that you are making Backlinks on.

Of course it is obvious that most of the backlinks that are possible to make through this strategy are No follow backlinks. To be precise, comment backlinks.

So this was today’s article, I hope you got to know how to steal your competitor’s backlinks easily and in the fastest manner possible. Thank you for reading this article, I wish you all the best for your blogging journey. See you in the next article!

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