How To Start A Blog In 2020 (Quick Guide)

If you are looking for a quick yet informative tutorial on how to start a blogging website in 2020, then this is the perfect web page for you. Today, I am going to tell you how you can start a perfect blogging website of your own and start putting content / articles on it easily within a few minutes.

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So you have decided to start a blog in 2020? That sounds pretty cool. But you have to know some basic things before you jump into buying your domain name or hosting. 

First of all let’s understand what is a domain name and what is a web hosting? 

Web Hosting and Domain

So whenever you have to open a website on the Internet, you need some space like when you need to buy a house anywhere within a country then you need to buy a plot. The hosting provider provides you some space for the website which acts like the plot on which you are going to build your house/office.

A web hosting stores all the data and information that is being shown on a website and acts like a basic storehouse. It is the physical building block of the website. 

So now you know what web hosting is. Let’s talk about what is up with the domain name of your website?

Take the example of building a house on a plot. Now when you have finished building your house, no one will come to your house unless you tell them where it is located i.e. you will give them the address of your house / office. 

A domain name acts like an address of your website which is used by visitors to locate your site on the internet just as you need an address so that people can come to your house / office. 

Here are some points you need to think about before buying a domain name and a web hosting.

• First of all make sure you buy your domain name as well as the web hosting from the same company so that you don’t have to go through a lot of mess like changing the DNS address of the domain name and pointing to the hosting server.

• Make sure your hosting provider promises you a 99% of uptime which means that your site will not go down usually in most cases. 

• Also check the reputation of your website hosting provider in the online market which means checking if it is used by a good amount of bloggers and also recommended by them.

• A quick advice from my side would be to buy the hosting for a full year so that you don’t have to go through a lot of each-month-paying-cycles or half yearly cycles (of course, only if you have enough budget).

Important Things while Selecting a Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name for your blogging website is one of the founding pillars of a successful blog. This name cannot be changed again and if you try to, then it will be a very big headache for you.

• Your domain name should clearly represent the category / niche of your website.

• Do not try to use special symbols or numbers in your domain name.

• Keep it as short as possible.

• Use a focus keyword in your domain name followed by an adjective or any random word you like (A focus keyword is a keyword that most people will search for in Google or any other search engine to look for articles related to your blog).

Where to Start Your Website?

So, basically two types of hostings are available on the internet. One of them is free web hosting which involves Google’s own free blogging tool called blogger and another one is paid hosting which uses content management tools such as wordpress, wix, etc.

Most of the big bloggers as well as me too will recommend you to go with WordPress because it is one of the most reliable platform to start a blogging website because of the following reasons :

• It offers a huge set of plugins/tools which you can use to customise your website and make it more user-friendly.

• Managing your articles as well as pages or building an e-commerce website is so much easier on WordPress and is not possible with free tools like blogger.

• You get so many premium themes and features.

• It offers an extra layer of security to your site.

After a lot of research and my own personal experience, I recommend you to go with BlueHost hosting provider which is one of the top notch hostings on the planet plus it is recommended by WordPress itself.

Enough of the info talk, Let’s move to the practical part of the guide!

Step 1 Hosting Package

Go to BlueHost and select a hosting package. After selecting the package, click on next. You can select the payment cycle according to your budget.

Step 2 Domain Name

Now you have to find a perfect domain name for your blog site. You can use this free BlueHost domain availability checker to check if your preferred domain name is available or not.

Step 3 Payment 

Now that you have chosen your hosting plan as well as domain name, you need to pay the billing fees as per your selected plans. 

After successful payment, you will get an email which will confirm your purchase of the domain name as well as the web hosting plan.

Step 4 Installing WordPress

Now when you will login again into BlueHost, you will see a button which clearly says you can easily install wordpress in just one click.

You will have to leave the settings as it is on this page except filling out the name and tagline of the website. 

In this window, choose a username as well as a password which you will use to login into your wordpress dashboard. 

Choose a basic theme ( there are lots of free themes).

Click on Quick Install.

You can directly login into your website wordpress dashboard by going to the link .

After this, you are successfully logged in to your website wordpress dashboard. 

Now you are all set up to start blogging and write your first article but before that, I would like to tell you a small intro about some features that are available on WordPress.

You will see a lot of options in the very left side of your wordpress dashboard which consists of a lot of menu items such as add new post, settings plugins, etc.

As the name suggests, clicking on Add New Post will open up a new window where you can write your article, choose its title, write a description, select a featured image and publish it.

In the plugins section you will see a search bar where you can search for any new plugin and add it to your website.

So what is a plugin?

Plugins are basically addons developed by different- different developers which adds some kind of functionality to your website. 

Like Yoast SEO which is an SEO plugin that optimizes your website so that it can pop up in search results whenever someone searches a term that you want to rank for in that particular search engine.

In the settings section, you will get a lot of options to change the functionality of your website such as changing the permalinks.

What is a permalink?

A permalink makes it easier for someone to remember the link of a website article. That’s why they are so crucial for your ranking in search results.

A good permalink should be like and not like .

In the Appearance section you can choose the theme of your website. By default , wordpress sets a default theme of your website. 

You can click on add new and search for any wordpress theme that you like. There are thousands of free themes available in the WordPress theme store.

So that was a basic guide for beginners who want to start in the field of blogging. There are many things that you have to do and you must do in order to succeed in blogging and I will be covering those in upcoming articles. 

Till then, bookmark our website and contact us through the contact page for any queries/doubts.

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