On Page SEO For Beginners

on page seo

On page Search Engine Optimization involves optimizing your site structure and content so that it ranks high on Google and outranks your competitors. 

In On Page SEO , we use proper keywords and optimize our articles according to these keywords. It also involves technical stuff as well as the user friendliness of your website.

Titles, Content as well as meta description plays a big role in ranking your content high in Search Engine results.

On Page SEO not only helps in ranking on Search Engine but also it will help you in gaining Off Page SEO indirectly. Link Building becomes easier once you start ranking in Search Engine results.

Important Factors In On Page SEO

There are certain factors in On Page SEO that you should be focusing on. I am going to give an idea of all these things below.

Keyword Research

It is one of the most important things in Search Engine Optimization and the top thing to see while doing On Page SEO. So what is Keyword Research?

It is the planning, analysis and execution of new topics for your blog that can increase it’s exposure online. In Digital Marketing, It basically stands for researching words or phrases that are being searched online so that you can use them in your content’s title, description or tags for ranking higher and thus converting that traffic to potential customers. 

Keyword Research is necessary to get viral on all the Internet social media platforms especially websites, blogs, Youtube, etc. So how do you find a perfect keyword for your content?

A perfect keyword is the one which is being searched online quite often but there are only few or zero creators making content on them. This way, if you make your content or article on that topic, you increase your chances of getting viral or ranked on the respected search engines.

To summarize, there are three things to see when finding a perfect keyword through Keyword Research. They are Low competition, High searches and Good CPC ( or earning value ).

The best, safest and free of cost way to find perfect keywords is to use the auto suggestion tool provided by most of the search engines in the world. It is made for enhancing a user’s search experience and providing him relevant content. 

You can use this tool to find out which keyphrase or topic is going to be perfect for your article. Also take a look at the number of results that are popping up on the search platform to check for competition.

How to use Keywords in an Article?

Try to use your main keyword within the first starting paragraph of your article. Then use it within your article twice or thrice according to the length of your article. The best way to know how many times you should use your keyword is to install and activate Yoast SEO plugin from the WordPress plugins store. It will suggest and will help you with most of the On Page SEO things that are necessary.

Quality Content

The quality of your articles is the top priority which will always be seen by search engines firstly. There are two types of content – long form and short form. You can always go for the long form content in which you can write detailed guides or very long articles that are briefly informative and will help your users to find all the answers at one single place.

Images & Videos 

Images & Videos in your blog article can increase the amount of engagement in your blog. They also need to be optimized before attaching them in your article. Make sure before posting them in your article, You compress it and decrease it in size so that it doesn’t make your page to load slow. Also make sure to add alt text in the image which helps you in getting more traffic from images across search engines. For example, you might have had seen that when you search something on Google Images and click on any of their images, it redirects you to the website where the image is located. Thus, increasing the amount of traffic.

While adding videos, you can also use lazy load plugins so that whenever you embed any video in your article it does not automatically start playing. Instead the thumbnail of the video is shown to the user and when he/she clicks on it, It starts playing.


This is one of the last but not the last important things in On Page SEO. Do not ever forget to divide your article into different different sections using the heading option. Try to divide it wherever possible. It not only increases your SEO score but also improves user experience and interface. 

In the main title of the blog, don’t forget to use the focus or main keyphrase once. It will help in On Page SEO. 

Meta Description

Meta description are the few lines specifying what your article is about. You can easily set an optimized meta description of any article using Yoast SEO plugin. It gives an option where you can put in your description. 

One thing to note is to use as many relevant keywords as possible in your meta description. That will also show up below your article title in search results.


Permalinks are the URL suffix of your post article. You have to optimize your article URL in order to rank higher on Google search results. For that, you need to use your main keyword in your post URL and also try to keep it short as possible otherwise it will not be visible in the search engine results page.

For example, an article written on how to start a blog can have it’s permalink as https://optininfluencers.com/start-a-blog , this will be optimized as well as short.

Page Loading Speed

This is the most obvious step in On page SEO. Think it from your own perspective if you visit a webpage and it takes more than 6 seconds to fully load that then you will click on the back button and will go to any other site. The speed of a site is one of the most important things that affects your website traffic as well as On page SEO score. If your site loads up quickly then it will be considered more user friendly than other sites in your competition having less loading speed.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing happens when you use your focus keywords more than the required amount of time thus giving Google or any other search engine an idea that your site is a spammy site and it will easily get banned in the respective search engine.

Internal & External Links

Internal linking and external linking can help in giving a boost to the ON page SEO score of your article. Giving quality internal links as well as external links helps in indexing your website fast on Google or any other search engine. Make sure the external links that are going away from your site are reputed or are having a high domain authority.

Mobile Friendly Pages

Your site structure should be heavily designed in order to give a good user experience to your visitors. As you all must know most of the time your site visits will come from mobile phones – that is the main reason why you should optimize your website according to mobile devices and choose a theme very carefully. Make sure it doesn’t take more than 3 seconds to load in a mobile device.


So, this was a short guide or checklist on how to do On page SEO for your blogging website easily in 2020. You can always make sure to give high quality content to your audience which is the most evergreen point in Search Engine Optimization. Thank you for reading this article!

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