Get First 1000 Followers On Instagram With This Step-by-Step Guide

Today we are going to talk about how you can grow your first thousand followers on Instagram easily and within two weeks. I will guide you step by step which will help you in putting great content in front of your audience and gather as much reach as possible.

So without taking your time let’s jump right into the guide and show you how you can get your first 1000 followers on Instagram.

Planning & Research 

So the first thing that should be done before even creating your account is the planning and research part. It is one of the most important parts which determines your page’s growth after it has been published.

The planning and research phase includes researching about various categories that you can go for on Instagram like motivational, fitness, health related, beauty, comedy, memes etc.

You should go for a category/niche that you are comfortable with. It should be a category that you personally love because if you don’t, then you will not be consistent on the page and after sometime you will leave it, so my advice for you is to not go for any niche that is not in your interest.


Now once you have selected your niche, you have to focus on the username. This is one of the important parts because the username should be catchy, small as well as it should clearly indicate what the page is going to be about.

Also don’t forget to use SEO keywords in your username. For example, if I am going to open up a motivational page then I will use the keyword motivation in my username and then add some adjective to it so as to make an available username like @strongmotivationquotes etc.

Instagram Bio

The next important thing after the username is your Instagram bio. It should be to the point and clearly explain to the visitor how your account will make his day and why in the first place should he/she follow you?

Try to write three sentences in the bio with bullet points. In those first sentences, tell the follower what your vision is with the page. In the second sentence, tell him why you should follow the page.

In the third sentence you should ask the follower to take an action (strong call to action), it can be asking them to visit the website or follow instantly.

For example a perfect bio would be :

•Aspiring Millionaires and Entrepreneurship

• Follow Now for Daily Quotes & Positivity

• Visit Our Website Now


Choosing your Instagram name will be the simplest part of this whole guide. Your name does not require to be the same as the username or the actual name of the page. Instead, you should include as many keywords as possible in the name section and try to separate it with emojis or symbols.

For Example : Millionaire | Business | Marketing

So when you use three or more keywords in the name section, you will automatically rank for those three keywords as well this means whenever someone searches for any word that appears in your username, Instagram bio or name then your profile will show up.


Now let’s talk about the post which is the actual content of the page and how you should get ideas for the post.

So the first thing you are going to do is to go over the big pages in niche and follow them. Then go on their profile and see each one of the posts and try to understand which one has done a lot better than the others.

These posts are called viral posts.and I am not going to tell you to copy them directly but yeah you have to copy them indirectly which means you have to use your photo editing app like canva, Phonto and try to create a new post that has the same value or same content as that same viral post.

In short, you have to copy the content but in your own style so that it matches your page style and no one can say that you have copied.

The reason why I am making you do this is because those posts went viral because they had something which is called the shareability factor. It means that the post was being shared or being loved by the people so it means if you post the same content on your page too, then chances are high that yours will get viral too.


This method has worked so well for me till now that I gained over 1,000 followers in just 2 weeks. You don’t have to to comment on other pages or anything like other Instagram marketers tell you to do. You just have to focus on your own content and create viral posts so that you start getting exposure.

One more bonus tip would be to post as much as possible and as frequently as possible because what I have gained through my experiences on social media platforms is that every other thing is just secondary, the number one thing to grow fast on any social media platform is having a lot of quality and quantity of great content.

Once your post starts getting exposure then eventually your latest post will start getting recommended to the same users again and again which will increase your chances as well as reach on Instagram.

You will be gaining an enormous number of followers each day. In my case, it was 40 to 50 followers per day which is pretty dope for a new page.

So this was it. This was the way to grow the first thousand followers on Instagram very fast. I hope I tried to explain myself as much as possible and if you get any value through this article then make sure you comment down your feedback about this post in the comment section below. Also do share this article to your friends who might need to read it.

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