Forty Rules Of Love Book Short Summary

The book “Forty Rules of Love” written by Elif Shafak is one of the most influential and spiritual book that I have come across in the past few years. This book carries itself with a very sweet feeling of two parallel words set in two very different timelines. The book’s writing style makes it more engaging and interesting from all the other books out there.

The book is a story of a woman (“Ella “) living in Northampton. She is in her fourties and her life has become loveless. She is usually doing the same old stuff from always but she is not happy from inside. One day, she gets to write a report on the manuscript of a book named “”Sweet Blasphemy” , the moment Ella starts reading this book by a man named “Aziz Z. Zahara” everything in her life changes. She starts loving herself and most importantly she fell in love with the man who wrote the book.

The book Ella is reading is about the great poet of older times, Rumi who is famous for his deep and touching lines. He was not a poet until one day, he met his comapanion – a dervish named “”Shams Tabrizi”. This man is full of knowledge, can sense the future and knows that Rumi is going to be a great poet one day. He even knew the moment he was going to die.

Shams Tabrizi’s character is what is the gem of this book. He is often very straightforward which harms his reputation among the local people. He goes through many stages of his life in this book and also explains why he does what he does. He resembles somewhat to the writer of this book Aziz whom Ella is now talking to over electronic mail. She contacts him and starts a conversation which changes the route of her life completely.

Although Ella has a family of her own, three children and a husband but she decides to leave them all for once in search of the missing part of her life which hasn’t been there since the past twenty years. When Aziz visits in a city near hers, she goes to see him. She takes the decision to leave with Aziz.

Aziz, on the other hand, is going through an illness which will not make him pass more than two years.

Ella and Rumi both are left with a deep sorrow of losing the most beloved person they ever met in their whole life yet they accept it. They understand that any true love is a process of transformation and if you are not transformed after loving, then you haven’t loved enough.


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