Earn Money On YouTube with 100 Subscribers

Earn Money On YouTube with 100 Subscribers

Today I am going to be telling you how you can earn money on YouTube with 100 subscribers channel in many different ways. People who are starting on YouTube think that there is no money in it with hundreds or thousands of subscribers but that is where they are wrong, I have tried these ways myself and earned my first decent income at over only a hundred subscribers and then I got paid 4 times within 200 subscribers. So, this is the power of YouTube if you can use it cleverly and in the way that I tell you.

Today I am going to walk you through my step by step way that I used to earn money through YouTube without even a decent subscriber count.

Let’s start and get right into it.

The first thing you have to do is to start planning and researching what kind of content you are going to put on your channel. If you are target is to earn money as soon as possible that I am suggesting you try my way and check it out yourself.

The planning phase is the most important thing in this whole process of earning money through YouTube you have to, first of all, spend time researching what kind of content you can put on YouTube and has enough exposure or searches monthly.

You know what kind of content you can put on your channel you first have to know about the three main markets in the online world the first one is relationships, the second one is money-making and the third one is health and fitness.

But you have to understand that you can’t start a YouTube channel based on any of these topics because these are too large to be so competitive already. What you can do is go deeper into any one of this and try to think deeply as possible until you find the perfect niche/category that you think is okay and will boost on YouTube and has not many creators working on that.

Competition on YouTube is one of the most important as well as the most ignored thing. No one looks up for the number of creators already ranking on that niche that they are thinking to conquer.

Making sure that you will have not much competition in your niche will help you grow very fast. Let’s take my example, I knew that I have to start a tech tutorial channel but I also knew at the same time that It will be very hard for me to rank in the tech niche. So I started asking myself which portion of the tech tutorial industry are you most specialized in? and I got an answer which says “Blogging, SEO and Making Money”. 

Then I started searching for channels on Youtube around this niche, and I realized the competition was now less. But Still, It would have taken a lot of time to rank in that niche. So I started a channel in that category but what I did was that I was uploading initial videos regarding “how to make Do Follow backlinks for your blog”. So my channel became a channel mainly focused around “Do-Follow backlinks”. This topic was not covered by even hundreds of channels so this was the perfect opportunity for me. I will start covering other topics too once I build a good reputation for my channel.

That’s what I want you all to understand. You have to think clearly and out of the box. Believe me, you don’t need to learn anything new, It’s always in you. Try to find out that perfect niche inside your head that you may have enough knowledge about and then start working on It. 

If you do your research and plan perfectly, you have already solved 75% of your Youtube problems.

Now comes the video creation process which requires some techniques and strategies that I have already talked about here.  Check that article now.

The Money Making Process

To earn money on Youtube with as low as only 100 subscribers, the best way is Affiliate Marketing. It is the best monetization method that you can use to earn money. 

What is Affiliate Marketing? It is the marketing technique in which a company pays a commission to a person for bringing sales to them. The commission can vary from as low as 5% on Amazon.com to 50% on Clickbank products. The company gives you a unique ID or link which you have to promote on your following and then tell the benefits of the product to them. When someone clicks on the link and goes to the page and buys anything, you will earn a commission.

You can easily find a product according to your niche. As for my type of channel, I do affiliate marketing for online blogging tools and web hostings. But I don’t do it so easily. First of all, you need to use the product yourself. Make a little investment and buy the products first. This way, you will be able to tell more precisely about it to your followers.

Now, when you are signed up on any affiliate program like Amazon or Clickbank, you can promote beauty products if your channel is around health and care, you can promote fashion accessories if your channel is around fashion, you can promote technical appliances if your channel is around technology.

Now comes the third and most important part is to share this affiliate link to your audience. You can place the affiliate link in the description of your video or the pinned comment. 

To increase your chances of a higher sales commission, you have to honestly tell about the product to your audience. Only then, your audience will trust you and buy that product.

I hope through this article, I have managed to perfectly explain to you how you can easily earn money on YouTube with only 100 subscribers. I hope you liked this article, if so, do bookmark our site for more awesome articles in the future.

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