Earn $1000 From Instagram in 2020 – The Smart Way

Hi there, It’s Asif. I am a blogger, a content creator, affiliate marketer, sales experts and your best money making guide. I have been in this industry since the past 5 years. I learnt in the starting phase of my life through free courses on Youtube and Udemy.

Later, when I got my first earning which was from an affiliate commission – I started taking paid courses to learn more and get the in depth knowledge of what actually is the procedure and after following which you can too make $1000 dollars a month with only Instagram.

But let me tell you the important things first.

Unlike in other ebooks, I am not here to teach you the basics like what is Instagram? What is it used for? And things like that. You can learn things like these on the Internet anywhere.

What I actually am here for is to tell you strategies straight away and get to the main point which is to earn money with Instagram.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is currently dominating social media in terms of user experience. That’s because it’s purely visual content and most of it is a gift to the eyes.(beautiful,relatable etc.)

Instagram is going to dominate in all aspects if it continues to be like this. That’s why if you haven’t started using Instagram for your side earnings then you are really missing out on a really great deal.

Now that if you are ready to dive deep and learn the ways that you can get your money on Instagram, let’s get started.

Ways to earn money On Instagram

First of all, you have to know exactly what you love. Your passion has always been that important. You can either be a graphic designer, dancer, photographer, artist, editing, etc. Anything would work. Just anything.

You just need to know the one thing you are really passionate about and I am eager to learn more and more about it.

High Earning Types of Pages

Fitness – This is one of the best niches that you can work with. It can give you money in a ton of different ways. You can promote clickbank products and earn commission, same with amazon affiliate, get promotion campaigns from big supplement brands or simple paid promotions.

Money Making – You can also earn a large chunk of money if you just own a page related to money making, investment or business. These kinds of pages sell their own services like consultation calls and mentorship etc.

Memes – Although these kinds of pages don’t get much engagement, it is of no surprise that these are the most popular ones and are easier to grow. You can also do every type of monetization to earn money, including shoutouts, promotions, campaigns, affiliates, etc.

Apart from these pages, technology related, Influencers, fashion bloggers, digital marketing related pages do a really good business.

Once you have decided what you really like,let’s get to creating an account.

Things to Keep In Mind While

Creating Account

-Keep The Username Short and simple.

-Use Keywords Like “Money”, “Business”, “Fitness” in your page’s name for SEO according to your niche.

-Write a short yet effective bio. See bios of your related niche pages to analyze.

-Select a Color theme for your posts and logo as well as highlights.

-Add “alt text” to each and every post.

-Perfectly mix the latest and trendy hashtags. Try to use between 20 to 30.

-Turn your profile into a business account. It will help in insights, and sending premade messages.

So these were the things that you need to have in mind before opening a page. These are pretty much cleared in every free youtube “Instagram tutorial”.

Let’s move on to the main objective of this ebook which is to understand the best strategies to earn money on Instagram.

Earn Money On Instagram

Let’s see what are the ways that you can use to earn money without many followers on Instagram.

1) Get Clients If you are a creative artist.

If you are into graphic designing, photography, filmmaking, editing, photoshop, fitness, drawing, portraits, and much more.

Just start posting your work on Instagram with proper hashtags and try to build a portfolio. I have worked that and it turned out pretty good for me.

Secret strategy : once you have enough posts on your profile, that you think – are enough for showcasing your skills, you can type a dm and save it as a quick reply. You have to list all the things that you can do and are good at. (Quick Reply is only in business mode)

Now what ?

This is the best part. Follow people in your niche and go to their active followers. These will be the people who have liked the recent post or commented on it.

You have to start sending one by one. It’s easy, go to the message and then select the quick reply message. It would be more genuine if you call them by their real name.

Yeah, It can be tiring but you want to know what my experience was?

I was a freelance video editor and graphic designer so I made a message like this. ( Observe and learn )

Hi, It’s Asif. I am a freelance video editor and graphic designer. I have done work with big pages on Instagram.(Mention page username here if you have done) I am here if you want any work related to logo designing, youtube thumbnails, editing or anything. Thanks!

I sent this message to almost 50 people that day. I went video creators who were my target audience and started sending my message to them who were not that big and needed some clean editor.( You can look on their profile )

I got replies by 12 people among them- whom I discussed and finally 5 of them agreed to work with me. And this way I earned my first income through Instagram.

What Is the most important thing in this strategy?

Of course, It’s the message. You have to be more real and as friendly and to the point in your message. Just tell them all sorts of work you can do. Make yourself look professional. And yeah, always mention Instagram ID’s of your previous clients to new people so that you look more genuine.

A better version of this strategy involves saying Hi to people who may need these services and then get to know if they need the work.

What to Not Do?

For the pricing part, you should NOT tell your rate first.

First, you should ask the customer or client What is Your Budget? Because this way you can get more money maybe otherwise you will get to know if you can work with their budget.

2) Being An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is currently ruling the world of online business and it is surely to cross all the limits in the next few years.

This strategy simply involves targeting a good niche audience and then recommending them a product from a good company in that specific niche.

For those of you who don’t know what is affiliate marketing.

It is the marketing technique that offers a commission to any person who will bring sales on their products. This commission will be your earning.

So there are many affiliate programs who offer a good commission and it is really easy to register yourself as an affiliate.

The biggest affiliate marketplace is Amazon Associates. They are the biggest e-commerce and are also trusted. You can sign up for Amazon Associates easily by searching on Google.

Clickbank too is one of the highest commission providers.

Let me explain with an example.

Suppose you have a page that focuses on diet plans and all. Keep posting on it and never go off the topic. You have to build an authority of an audience who are really keen interested in losing fat.

Let’s suppose you just have 100 followers on your page and if very least , since every follower was here to lose fat, let’s assume one or two of them goes on a link in bio ( which is an affiliate link of the product which is a keto diet plan ) and purchase it. Then you will get a commission for that.

Most Important Thing in This Strategy

You need to understand that in this strategy, you need a highly targeted audience.You can earn money from even 100 followers if your followers are real and they are very much eager to lose weight fast.

You should remind your audience more and more about the link in bio where they will get a perfect keto diet plan.

You can do affiliate marketing with a lot of products. You can either put a link to a high converting and high commission providing product. If you are into earphones, go on create a page on best earphones and then put a link in bio for the product.

3) Selling Your Own Products

I believe we all have something that we have a lot of knowledge about. It must be something. It can be anything but you should have a professional level knowledge in that. If you don’t know anything then go ahead and learn.

There are plenty of skills that you can learn for free from the internet. It can be marketing, money making, blogging, website SEO, web designing , and much more.

Once you get that, you can sell your product by growing your page on Instagram and teach your followers about it. There are many good influencers doing that.

Now is the time to understand with an example.

Suppose you have knowledge about how to use Photoshop. What you can do is just upload your greatest works on Instagram with hashtags like #photoshop #editing #pic editing.

The best way to earn through that page that I would recommend is to Create an Udemy course. Udemy has a trust of millions of potential clients and learners. That’s why make a complete Udemy course on photoshop and then you have to put the link to that course in the website link section of your instagram profile. Saying like “Checkout This Udemy Course To Learn Photoshop from Zero to Hero ”.

Other than that you can create ebooks too just like me. It just takes word processing software.

Most Important Thing In This Strategy

You have to make sure that your page CTA is very high. CTA means call to action. It means how much your page appeals to your audience to click on the link in bio.

In every post you upload, try to remind people about your Udemy course in the captions section. Eventually it affects the mind of the users psychologically and will get you more and more clients and clicks.

BONUS TIP : Blogging

Blogging is still on the top of many online money making ways and there’s a reason for it. Once you have enough traffic on your blogging website, you can easily create an enormous number of ways to make money from that blog.

And where do you get the traffic from?


Yes, you might say Instagram has 2 ways to put a link – one in the bio and the other through stories. But if you really think so, then you are missing a lot of potential just based on an assumption.

The link in the bio section of Instagram is not negative but I would say the best thing on Instagram.

Let me tell you how.

The fact that there is no other place to put links makes it easier for everyone to know where to find the link. Also, the link is placed in the most converting place i.e. the bio where if you write a catchy, high CTA line, you will get tons of traffic.

So what this strategy involves is :

-Find a suitable niche that has more monetization options.

-Create an Instagram account and a blog too.

-Post pictures and videos, make them High CTA and remind them in every post to visit the link website.

Now, on the blog you will write every kind of affiliate article or just use Google Adsense to earn money. This is one of the perfect, time taking yet the most profitable things.

So these are ways that you can use to earn money on Instagram without many followers and easily complete your $1000 from online business.

This strategy will also make your page not only a big page but also make it a brand/company slowly and gradually. You can build a whole company like many other pages on Instagram like @theindianidiot, @filmcompanion and @popxo. 

I hope you will like my work and give a review of this article wherever possible.

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