Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India in 2020

Are you the one person who is always looking for the right opportunity to prove themselves in front of their parents and friends and to tell them yes, you could really do something. Then , we have listed out in this article the best ways that you can use to earn money online in India in 2020 which will surely fill your pockets with enough money to enjoy your age!

Okay, thank us later.

Let’s start.

Earning money online can be a really tough task if not done with proper guidance and training but still you can start with some of the freebies and evergreen ways that actually pay.

The methods that I am going to be telling you today are the best ones and if you make through the practice phase once, no one can stop you from earning those hundreds of dollars or maybe thosands.

The number one way I would like to start with is freelancing. This list is put in order of firstly building smaller revenues and then going to build brands and big businesses.


This is actually termed as one of the hardest by most people but let me clear your doubt, it’s not. It is still one of the best ways that you can dig right into to earn your first online income.

Freelancing is providing any kind of work to customers online through some freelancing sites. The works can be graphic design, video editing, data entry, SEO, marketing , copyrighting and much more.

Many people really fail at freelancing first. Why?

Because they are only focusing on the money and not their niche’s competition or quality of their own work.

Let me tell you the best way to do freelancing.

The best part about freelancing is it can be done through Social Media and that’s where I got my first project. Yeah, it is the key to a successful freelancing portfolio.

Why go on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork when you can make your portfolio on your Instagram account. You just have to grow your account and then boom, clients will be coming in so fast even you wouldn’t be able to take all the projects.

What I did?

Yeah, I used to post video edits on one of my accounts and it was going viral because of meme content. A big page posted a story about their need for a video editor and someone sent their story to me.

I went to their DM and told them my works and also Informed about my edits on my profile. They looked at it, took time and yeah they hired me. This will work for you with any niche ( But make sure you look the demand whatever you are doing ).

Another thing is you can prewrite a message in your phone’s notepad which describes all of your works and experience as well as skills and then copy paste it to every interested person you get online.

What I did?

I sent that message to a lot of big meme accounts because I knew that these pages are tough to manage and they might be looking for a content creator like me. My message was humble, included greetings and was really well written. Think about it and then write.

I got a lot of projects this way even with a low following on Instagram.


So, here comes the best earning method.

Blogging can generate a lot of revenue if done qualitatively and people will approach you for ads. You can also use Google’s Adsense programs for monetizing your website.

Another good way is to use Affiliate marketing of different different products in which you earn a commission for everysale a person makes through your reference.

Blogging can be related to any thing unless no one is there to read. The most popular earning blogs are related to income tax, making money online , digital marketing and search engine optimization.

To start blogging, you can buy a website – basically a domain name and hosting. You can buy these from the most trusted company which is BlueHost here.

Once you have a blog set-up, go on and publish your first post. Remember, blogging takes time but it is still the high earning beast. Keep on posting quality articles on your blog until you start getting good exposure from search engine results.

Once you start getting traffic to your website, you will have tremendous opportunities to earn money from it.


Instagram is yet not another best social network that is going to give you a huge chunk of money if you are able to build trust with your follow very easily. Instagram followers can be the most loyal followers if your content quality is dope.

You can earn money on Instagram by various means. It can be Affiliate marketing, through selling your own products and services. You have to grow like a brand on Instagram. That is what will give you clients and earnings.

You will have to grow your page to atleast ten thousand followers so that you can start getting paid for shout-outs and paid promotions.

If you want to learn more about how to earn money with Instagram checkout my ebook written in english which lists some strategy for making money on Instagram. Click here.making money on Instagram. Click here.


No wonder why YouTube is being included in this list.

For the past few years YouTube has been among the top best ways to earn money online ever.

So what you can do on YouTube is you can just create a channel, create a perfect logo and thumbnail and upload a banner. Then start uploading quality content over there, slowly and gradually you will realise that you are building a list of followers that are more genuine than a blogging website or Instagram followers.

These kind of subscribers are the ones that trust you genuinely because of the video content that you are providing to them. This video content is more influencing to them because videos are found to be performing better than written articles.

Once you have a range of thousand subscribers, you can easily generate a lot of revenue from them. You can do affiliate marketing ,you can sell your own services or courses or just simply monetize your YouTube videos with Google AdSense ads.

See all of the above methods include creating a bond between you and your clients so that they trust you genuinely and can come back to you every time they need any work related to your stuff.

There are tons of other methods that you can use to earn money online in India in 2020 but you just have to look with a very creative perspective and you have to find out the way in which you can easily approach your audience / customers / followers and then you can try to sell them your services. Also never forget to to take a feedback of your work every time because that is what’s going to add as your testimonial.

This article was all about earning money online in India in 2020. If you still have any doubt, you can just simply contact us via our contact page on our site and we will surely reply to you as soon as possible.

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