Do Follow and Comment Backlinks List [Updated 2021]

A lot of new bloggers struggle a lot when they start a new blog or a website. It happens with literally every new person in this industry. So why do we struggle so much in the beginning?

Because just like a new shop which opens in any market, It lacks two most important things. And these two important things are there in almost each of his competitor shops. These two things are – Quality and Trust.

While quality is something that you start learning with time, there is the other thing which matters to the most in any business – Trust.

As Harshad Mehta said a dialogue in the web series “Scam 1992” which goes like this – The most expensive thing in the world is Trust, without it no business will ever exist.

So how is it relatable to someone related to the blogging industry? Well, to get a lot of customers or visitors- you will have to stand out in the top search results of any search engine. And to convince any search engine to show your page at the top, you need to convince them that your page is relevant and has quality. In other words, you have to tell them that they can TRUST on you!

This is the entry point of Backlinks.

So what are Backlinks? Actually, the concept of backlinks can be said to be introduced with the introduction of Google to the world. Before Google, there were lots of search engines already present but they showed the relevant pages only according to the keywords that matched the searcher’s keywords.

Google founders introduced that they can check the quality of a page by counting the number of other pages on the internet that linked back(or refered) to the original page(whose quality is being checked). This algorithm provided great results until people started spamming their page links on every other page on the internet so as to build backlinks to their website.

With time, Google finally improved it’s algorithm and now it checks a page on the basis of almost more than two hundred factors. Although, Backlinks still are an important factor among them.

Comment Backlinks

You need to check the quality of the page on which you are going to make backlinks. And also you should make sure you are not spamming but leaving genuine information along with your link for example fact or a good comment.

Below are some of the sites, that you can visit to make backlinks and leave comments on them. Make sure the site has a High Domain authority as well as High Page authority and Low Spam score. Because with time, these things can change. That’s why I recommend you check before making backlinks.

Social Profile Backlinks

These are the backlinks that you can create by creating an account or joining a community on any website. Simply go to any of these and signup. During the sign up process you will be asked if you have a website. You can place your site’s link there.

With this list, I hope I helped in contributing to your blogging journey in anyway. If so, please leave a comment below and also read our other articles. Thank you!

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